Kids In The Kitchen


Helping Kids Make Healthy Choices

Children in some communities suffer from obesity while others are food insecure. Lubbock sees both cases. Kids in the Kitchen intends to educate those children on healthy living—food choices,  meal preparation, and different types of exercise. Kids in the Kitchen provides healthy food scavenger hunts and activities for boys and girls. Children come away from each event with a full belly and knowledge of how to choose and prepare nutritious food.

Why Help?

In 2015 at Camp Healthy Kids, an entire table of elementary students tried blueberries for the first time as they were helping make yogurt parfaits for their daily snack. As the other children got up from the table, a little first grader began to stuff the leftover blueberries into his pocket so he could take them home to share with his dad. It was soon discovered that the family’s refrigerator had gone out over the weekend, and there was no food in the house for either of them to eat. Seeing food insecurity firsthand proved Junior League programs like Kids in the Kitchen and South Plains Food2Kids are making a difference in the lives of children and families in the Lubbock community.
— Kristin Teinert, former Kids in the Kitchen assistant chair