South Plains Food2Kids

A hungry child cannot learn.

Can you imagine coming home from school on Friday afternoon and not being able to find a snack in the house? What would it be like to know that the lunch you ate at school on Friday would be the last full meal you ate until you return to school on Monday?

Hunger hurts everyone, but it is especially devastating to children because it deprives them of more than just food. On empty stomachs, kids don’t have the energy to focus, engage, learn, and grow.

What is Food2Kids?

Every week, dozens of volunteers assemble sacks of food that are sent home with children on Friday afternoons so that they have food to eat over the weekend.

Thousands of volunteer hours are invested each year by the Junior League of Lubbock to run this program with the goal to expand across school districts in the Lubbock community. We believe that with full tummies, children will thrive!