Board of Directors and Leadership Team

Board of Directors

Jessie Cayton President
Lauren Maclaskey President-Elect
Jessica Tullar Caroom Community Impact Vice President
Carolyn Wilkerson Finance Vice President
Amanda Owens Fund Development Vice President
Kristin Boles Membership Development Vice President
Marlise Hernandez Boyles Bylaws
Kathy Rollo Sustaining Advisor


Board of Directors – Elect

Cori Long Finance Vice President-Elect
Briana Vela Fund Development Vice President-Elect
Ginny Simpson Membership Development Vice President-Elect


Committee Chairs

Christi Felton Advisory Planning
Anna Delano Arrangements
Lindsey Diaz Community Focus Area
Bobby Monk Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Libby Spradlin South Plains Food2Kids
Lindsay Rushing Fundraising & Donations
Krista Jones Headquarters
TJ Evans Holiday Happening
Marissa-Anne Melakian Kids in the Kitchen
Kristin Lefforge Member At Large – Community
Cori Moffitt Member At Large – Finance
Rebecca Cord Member At Large – Fund Development
Jenna Rosenbaum Member At Large – Operations
Kristin Miller Membership Enrichment
Christi Felton Nominating
Kathy Wells Provisional Membership Development
Courtney Turner Publicity
Laura Hon Research & Development
Katherine Byrne SPARK
Lauren Uryasz Sustainer/Transfer Relations
Mackenzie Payton Touch-a-Truck


Assistant Chairs

Robin Richardson Arrangements Assistant
Rachel Teaff Community Focus Area Assistant
Tiffany Heape Fundraising & Donations Assistant
Amy Hayes Holiday Happening Assistant
Debbie Littlejohn Kids in the Kitchen Assistant
Katie Randolph Publicity Assistant
Destiny Adams SPARK Assistant
Heather McClellan Touch-a-Truck Assistant


Sustaining Advisors

Carol Robertson Advisory Planning
Julie Fuller Arrangements
Heather Hocker Bylaws
Shannon Miller Community Focus Area
Nancy Sharp Community Impact Council
Kathy Rollo Board of Directors
Dawn Zuerker Board of Directors-Elect
Sarah Bevers Finance Council
Sunshine Stanek South Plains Food2Kids
Dana Gustafson Fund Development Council
Cray Pickerin Fundraising & Donations
Beth Hendricks Headquarters
Beth Bridges Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Gayle Bailey Morris,
Angie Lane,
Cheryl Reeves,
and Andrea Watson
Holiday Happening
Kathy Britton Kids in the Kitchen
Gayle Bailey Morris Membership Development Council
Tiffany Darby Membership Enrichment
Andrea Watson Nominating
Mary Moore Operations/Administrative Council
Libby White PMDC
Kathleen Burrell Publicity
Jennifer Irlbeck Research & Development
Shelly Bratcher SPARK
Brenda Becknell Sustainer/Transfer Relations
Jaclyn Morris Touch-A-Truck