Eligibility Requirements

A candidate shall be twenty-five years of age or older on or before June 1 of the year she would become a Provisional member.

A resident candidate shall reside within the Lubbock area to be a Resident Provisional prospective member. The Lubbock area is defined as Lubbock, Lamb, Hale, Floyd, Crosby, Garza, Lynn, Terry and Hockley counties.

A non-resident prospective member must have had her physical residence within the Lubbock membership area at least one year on June 1 of the year she would become a Provisional member. The one-year residency requirement is interpreted to be any one year after age twenty-one, not necessarily the previous one, or any eight years before age twenty-one. Residency is to be defined as parent’s home for single college students. She must not have lived away from the Junior League of Lubbock area more than five years at the time of the deadline for proposals. She must live close enough to another Junior League to participate in that league’s Provisional training.

Before accepting the invitation to membership, she shall receive from the JLL an orientation on the privileges and responsibilities of League membership and shall agree to complete the Provisional Course in Lubbock or in the city to which she is transferring, at the discretion of the receiving League.