Pat S. Moore Award

Pat S. Moore exemplified the best in all of us. This award was created in 1974 in her honor. It is to be given to a woman who, despite adverse circumstances, has provided outstanding inspiration to others, service to the community, and possesses the pre-eminent qualities of integrity, morality, loyalty, humility, compassion, and courage.


Mrs. David Miller (Jayne Ann Williston) * 2009
Mrs. David Underwood (Renee Bergenheier) 2007
Mrs. Jerrell Snodgrass (Donna Pearson) 2006
Denise Adams ** 2005
Mrs. Harry Mayes (Peggy Thomas) * 1998
Mrs. Tom Neal 1994
Mrs. Marion Sanford (Mary McGrath “Mac” Drane) ** 1987
Mrs. William R. Moss (Marian Harston) * 1984
Mrs. Randall Mather (Bonnie Crouch) 1981
Mrs. Sammy Ribble (Judy Hightower) 1978


* Deceased
** Posthumously Awarded

Who Was Pat S. Moore

Pat Smith Moore was a smart, stern, gentle, and concerned parent, friend and district court judge! She was not fond of groups or organizations that would not be change agents. Groups that know of the problems but fail to take action designed to change the situation. She truly respected the Junior League for the actions it took to improve the community.