Pat S. Moore Award

Pat S. Moore exemplified the best in all of us. This award was created in 1974 in her honor. It is to be given to a woman who, despite adverse circumstances, has provided outstanding inspiration to others, service to the community, and possesses the pre-eminent qualities of integrity, morality, loyalty, humility, compassion, and courage.


Ms. Kala Waits 2022
Mrs. David Miller (Jayne Ann Williston) * 2009
Mrs. David Underwood (Renee Bergenheier) 2007
Mrs. Jerrell Snodgrass (Donna Pearson) 2006
Denise Adams ** 2005
Mrs. Harry Mayes (Peggy Thomas) * 1998
Mrs. Tom Neal 1994
Mrs. Marion Sanford (Mary McGrath “Mac” Drane) ** 1987
Mrs. William R. Moss (Marian Harston) * 1984
Mrs. Randall Mather (Bonnie Crouch) 1981
Mrs. Sammy Ribble (Judy Hightower) 1978


* Deceased
** Posthumously Awarded