Project Development

The Junior League of Lubbock uses an Impact Area system for selecting and implementing projects. An Impact Area is a single focus area within the community for which the League has committed funding and volunteers for a period of three years. The Junior League of Lubbock supports three Impact Areas simultaneously, providing funds and volunteers.



Year 1 
JanuaryPublic Affairs researches and identifies community needs.
AprilBased on committee research, a Community Impact Area Questionnaire (CIAQ) is distributed to JLL membership to select five issues of interest.
June - AugustThe five issues are researched and summarized. This information is distributed to the membership to select two interest areas for further study.
September - NovemberThe two issues are researched and defined. The membership is educated on the scope of each area of need. Mission statements and issue papers are written and submitted to the JLL Board of Directors for approval.
Year 2 
JanuaryIssue papers for each topic are printed in Branding Iron. Speakers on behalf of each area make presentations at General Meeting.
FebruaryThe membership votes on the two issues to select one to be the next impact area.
MarchA community Forum is held to announce the newly selected Impact Area and to solicit requests from community agencies and organizations.
June 1Community requests for project funds and volunteers are due.

July - November

Agencies and their requests are investigated by Research and Development along with Placement. A project may be released from investigation at any time. A Project Forum is typically held in October for agencies still under consideration to discuss their requests.
Year 3 
January-February Impact Area projects, as recommended by Research & Development and Placement are submitted to the JLL Board of Directors for approval of project funding and placement opportunities.
MarchImpact Area projects, as recommended by the Board of Directors, are submitted to the JLL membership for approval. The membership is given the opportunity to sign up for placements.
AprilContracts are signed between JLL and project agencies. JLL board appointments made to project boards of directors.
June 1Placement begins
Year 4,Year 5 
and Year 6
Placement continues through May 31 of Year 6

Non-profit, educational, or civic agencies interested in receiving information about our newest Impact Area should contact the JLL Headquarters at (806)794-8874 or send an e-mail to: $mailto(,