2021 Empowerment Luncheon


Foundation Empowerment Luncheon Invitation


We are so pleased to recognize Marble & Co. as our Floral Sponsor for this event



Disclosure: Please note your ticket is not refundable. In the event the Junior League of Lubbock, Inc.’s Empowerment Luncheon is delayed, hindered, or prevented from occurring, by reason of strikes, lockouts, unavailability of goods or services, unavailability of keynote speaker(s) and/or moderator, failure of electricity or power, failure of air conditioning or heat, restrictive governmental laws or regulations, riots, insurrections, war, weather, acts of God, an epidemic, pandemic, state or local health directive, the act, failure to act, or default of another party, or any other reason beyond its control (a “Force Majeure Event”), or, if a Force Majeure Event impedes in any way the Junior League of Lubbock, Inc.’s obligations with regard to the Empowerment Luncheon, then the performance of such Empowerment Luncheon shall be excused, and the Junior League of Lubbock, Inc. shall not be responsible for any ticket refunds related to such delay, cancellation, or hindrance. The Junior League of Lubbock, Inc. is also not responsible for any refund in the event of a replacement, substitution, withdrawal, or cancellation of a keynote speaker, moderator, or other third party associated with the Empowerment Luncheon.