Partner Card

Shop With a Purpose

In 2016, the Junior League of Lubbock started the Partner Card project with a $30 card carrying a 20% discount at 25 local retailers for two weeks. During the next two years, the 20% discount remained, but the number of participating vendors more than doubled and diversified, the price lowered to $20 and the time lengthened.

Why Partner Card?

The Partner Card provides a low-impact way to not just support the Junior League’s projects but also drive customers to your store—one of the initial goals at the time of project inception.

The Junior League of Lubbock seeks to support Lubbock as a whole, including its local businesses. The Partner Card can incentivize regular customers to visit your business and also develop interest in your business with new customers.


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Katherine Byrne

Partner Card Chairman 2020-2021

Partner Card Chair