Sustainer of the Year 2017-2018

The annual Sustainer of the Year Award is given to honor the member of sustaining status who best typifies the embodiment of League ideals and gives of herself to the community in both time and talent. Any member (Active, Provisional or Sustaining) in good standing may submit nominations for Sustainer of the Year. This award will be given annually and the presentation is made at the Spring Celebration Dinner.


1990-1991 Linda Schuster Greenstreet
1990-1991 Helen Wilson Holley
1991-1992 Kay Holder Sanford
1992-1993 Judi Gamble Blakey
1993-1994 Karen Goodrich Worley
1994-1995  Jana Cannon Jones 
1995-1996  Claudette Hill Culp 
1996-1997  Janeen Drew Holmes 
1997-1998  Cathy Spoonts Porter 
1998-1999  Brenda Becknell 
1999-2000  Suzie Sterling King 
2000-2001  Celeste Pruitt Thompson 
2001-2002  Martha Crow York 
2002-2003  Cindy Lambeth McCuistion 
2003-2004  Dorothy Brown Pickering 
2004-2005  Sandra Magee Hester 
2005-2006  Brenda Becknell 
2006-2007  Donna Becknell Chandler 
2007-2008 Sherry Crutchfield Allen 
2008-2009 Kathy Treadway Britton
2009-2010 Carolyn Byrd Simpson
2010-2011 Deborah Greene Finlayson
2011-2012 Stephanie Maddox Fox
2012-2013 Dodie Durham Northcutt
2013-2014 Debby Lewis Hansard
2014-2015 Leslie Luecke Moss
2015-2016 Gayle Bailey Morris

Kathy Treadway Britton


Sharon Hyde Bass